Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New Years has never been so scary...

Arranging things has never really been my forte.

Take parties, for example. The first one I ever had was at my mums house, as a birthday bash. My sister ended up looking after the whole thing. I got so drunk I had to be looked after and didn't bat an eyelid when the kitchen ceiling starting pouring water. Needless to say, my mum didn't let us have a party at hers for a long time afterwards.

The 17th birthday was pretty good. I sorted out a live band who I'd never heard play before (thank god they were good) and had food and drink. However, the food and drink ran out sharpish. The band got tired and we hadn't sorted out any kind of entertainment. The aftermath was at my dads house, where we had previously cleaned an outbuilding ready to sleep in. His then girlfriend had shouted the place down because we had made too much noise (which, by the by, we really weren't making).

So, this year I've decided to host a New Years Eve Party at my rented house for Uni. Last year, the party had bombed. The highlight of everyones night was when my very drunk sister had bashed into the bathroom door so hard that it had come off of it's hinges.

I'm pretty terrified.

The worst part about this is that I started planning it yesterday. It's the 28th today.

Why? Because I wasn't sure my boyfriend could make it, so I had to check with him what he was doing or i'd have to cancel. Being with him at New Years was my highest priority and not even hosting a party was going to stop me. My boyfriend is slow at getting back to me for important matters, as you can tell.

So, the music is yet to be set. But it WILL be 80s, mixed in with a few American hits. But first I actually need to gather them together in a suitable manner. The karaoke (singstar) is already there and ready to go. The food is listed and ready to be gotten, along with decorations. The champagne and the port for the Cheeky V is being brought. The all important outfit is in the wardrobe, thanks to christmas.

The house? Well, it looks like I'll be sorting that out on the day.

Wish me luck! I think I'll need it.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

How wrong can one person be?

I am so sick and tired of people with huge egos who think everything they say is right.

Recently, I have been having a quite frank discussion over Facebook with a friend of mine. However, he may not stay a friend for long if he continues without giving thought to any of my ideas and notions, most of which are well thought through and valid.

You see, things have been happening in the student world. For those of you who may not have heard, the government (that's England's Conservative-Lib Dem coalition) has decided that students should have to pay up to £12,000 a year for university fees. This is, of course, absurd. No-one could work off that debt (including the cost of living, which we also loan) in their lifetime.

The papers said that one student could get into £80,000 worth of debt just on a three year honours degree.. so no chance of trying for a masters then.

Now, my friend thinks that the government are right to do this because students are lazy and need to get jobs instead. This is not a valid argument, and he knows it. Why? Because we're at uni to work hard in order to get jobs that are high paying and fruitful.

But no, I'm wrong. Apparently students are ruining the economy because they don't pay back the loans that we currently take out and we're just as bad as tax dodgers and benefit thieves. At this I was shocked, so I wrote back in a very concise way why he was wrong about this too. And oh, the response was so diabolical I dare not repeat it.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that people need to be made to listen. Otherwise, they go through life thinking they're right when, in all truthfulness, they're talking a load of bollocks. Some people need to sit down and think about who they are and what they stand for. They need to think about their ideas and come to conclusions that make sense, rather then conclusion that are not thought out, or worse, answered back in an argumental fashion.

The people who take measured and balanced opinion look well informed and clever. The people who don't, look like idiots. And who would believe an idiot?

Not me.
Not for a second.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Back to Uni

The first few weeks of going back to Uni were, to say the least, very interesting. First, I venture into my house only to find about 200 pounds worth of bills deposited on my floor and the place is dusty as anything.

I literally had to clean the inside of my wardrobe before hanging up my precious clothing so they didn't get dirty before I wore them.

Along with the bills comes a council tax which I am not meant to be paying. And on top of that, we have no TV, no Internet, no bank account for bills, no money (because it is too early for the loans to come through) and no shower.

I think the shower was the thing that threw me the most. Although we did have a perfectly good bath (with extremely old fashioned taps), I felt that a shower would have been nice at this early stage.

Now, thank god, we have all of those things. We are happily on our way to normality. Our TV not only works, but it has satellite, good satellite. The money has come in for some, but I am yet to receive it myself. The bills and council tax are sorted. The shower is fixed. And we have the Internet as of today.

Things are perfect. Or are they?

Work, as always, is inevitably zooming towards me. I am about to embark on my third week of second year university and I know exactly what is in store for the rest of the semester. I have no doubt it is going to be a gruelling year as the pace has definitely stepped up.

We are tested on our knowledge of the news every week, in two separate seminars. That means buying and reading a paper every day. We have to practise on a brand new programme. And how could I forget the impending doom that is being an editor for two weeks. Oh, and guess what? I'm first.

Scary? You bet.

So, in order to improve my organisation, I am going to devise a timetable so that I have enough time to fit in all the work and my wonderful boyfriend at the weekend.

It's going to be a long year.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

When forms are formidable

Recently, it seems to me like everything has to be done on the Internet. The world is no longer old fashioned. We can't simply do some paperwork and send it off in the post, crossing our fingers that there won't be a postal strike.

No sir, everything has gone to the Internet. As if being human wasn't taxing enough, now we have to do our taxes on it, our banking on it... some time soon we will probably have to sit on it all day to do anything.

The Internet is a beautiful thing, don't get me wrong, but after completing my student finance on it I felt like smashing my computer into hundreds of tiny pieces. Not only was it inexplicably hard to follow, but it ended up being filled out wrong and I had to reset the entire account.

In fact, any kind of form on it has me in hysterics. There is nothing easy or quick about a form you do on the Internet, no matter how much they tell you there is.

Today, I had to get a Visa Waiver. That is the last time I EVER try to get one of those. I had already lost it because I was a day late in making sure it was free, so I knew I would have to pay. From the start of the entire process, it felt like I was in a race to the finish line.

I went back to my days of never ending tension when I filled in the form for my driving license, hoping it wouldn't time me out before my instructor got back to me. At least at that point I would have someone to blame.

This time, it was me against the machine. Of course, being me, I didn't think to gather anything I may possibly need beforehand. So I was rushing frantically backwards and forwards to get my passport and a credit card. I must have looked somewhat like a headless chicken.

So yes, whilst they are very good at being to hand when you need them, and kind of quick if you can keep up with the timer so you don't need to start typing in your details for the 45th time, they are entirely impractical if you are slow at typing or a hopeless headcase like me.

Paperwork, however boring it may sound, is much better than a technological form. At least you can take your own sweet time doing it.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

What not to do in England

Yesterday, I learned a vital lesson:

When you go out on a rainy day, make sure you bring a waterproof coat and that your shoes are also waterproof.

A bit of background information about me that you should probably know first, is that I never wear a coat. I don't like how they look on me. They swamp me because I'm so short, and they don't do anything for my figure, which is kind of a must.

The one coat I do own was given to me and is not waterproof, but it was expensive. I was told by my boyfriend that I looked like a detective and that was the end of that.

So, there I was with my two layers of hoodies and my converse at the beginning of a day out at Thorpe Park. I was ready for whatever the theme park had to throw at me. I had an umbrella in my bag that I hoped would protect me and layers of hoodies to stop me from getting cold. I knew it would be raining, but I had no idea how much...

It happened whilst standing in a queue for the Saw ride. The skies slowly opened. I thought; 'hey, this isn't so bad'. Little did I know that it would soon begin pouring torrentially. When we got off of the ride, the sky opened. In a matter of minutes I, as well as my friends, were soaked through and seeking refuge.

I paid £5 for a ghastly but effective blue waterproof poncho, with the words 'don't wet yourself' emblazoned on the back of it. My sister did the same. We were christened 'the poncho twins' after one very fetching photo of us on a ride.

We only went on two rides, by the way, because they slowly shut down one by one as soon as the rain hit. The queues were ridiculous and after waiting two hours to go on Colossus, all we wanted to do is go home and have hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

By the time I finally got back and dragged myself into the warm arms of my boyfriend, I looked like a drowned rat. My feet were freezing and wet, my clothes were warmish (having taken off my two utterly useless hoodies that felt as though they'd just been in the washing machine) and my mind was in a place no one would dare go. I was not a happy camper.

(Thank you darling boyfriend for cheering me up, you make my life complete.)

It wasn't all bad. The company was good and we got to go to Pizza Hut for food. But overall, I'd say we wasted our day.

So what did I learn?

That I really need to go buy a good coat and good shoes for the English summer if I am to survive it. And not to go to a theme park when it rains.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Making things clear cut

In my view, there is only one way to secure a girlfriend / boyfriend; to make it screamingly obvious you think they're hot from the start. If you make your feelings clear, you do away with the friendship barrier and dive straight in the deep end (ie, a relationship).

I'm not the type to hold my cards close, and so I figure that if I don't keep anything secret, why suppress something as simple as desire?

I think that to be in a relationship, you absolutely have to find the other person attractive physically, otherwise all you have is friendship when you could be out there looking for more. You need to be able to think; 'Yeah, i'd tap that' instead of shying away from the thought like it was measles.

I may not be an expert, but from my experience, I can tell you that playing the long game doesn't work. You confuse friendship with a relationship and it tends to get messy.

I know that for some people, this method can work. But it would take so much time and work, their friend may not be worth it in the end.

I've tried being friends and then inching my way in to being more and I've been cast aside. Apparently they didn't want to ruin the friendship. The fact is, they didn't want a relationship with me because they weren't attracted to me.

I find that people I used to be attracted to have turned into friends so much I no longer think of them as anything more than that. And this is what happens by waiting to make a move; it is always made too late.

When I did go out with a friend once, it really didn't feel right. I knew I liked him a lot as a person, and it seemed like the next step. It wasn't. I didn't even want to kiss the poor guy, and I definately wasn't interested in anything more with him.

No, it is much better to go from being aquaintances to having a thing for eachother. It feels more natural for one thing. And you get to know the rest of them as you go out with them.

Relationships are meant to be an adventure, so finding out new things about them adds to that sense. After a while you learn to love the things you didn't think you would, like a quirk in their behaviour, for example.

Beginning a relationship in this way means you also have a lot to talk about, and you gain a friend and a lover without gaining a line to cross, unlike those friends who turn into more. In fact, I find that the realtionship that begins as friends only ever turns into friends with benefits.

I know people say that to have a good marriage, you should marry your best friend. But I think that if you did marry your best friend, it wouldn't be a relationship, just a partnership, without the lust or romantic love that comes with it. You need to make your other half into your best friend, not the other way round.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Fancy dress. Need I say more?

I don't know about you, but I have always had a whale of a time dressing up. And I don't mean any old dressing up. I mean FANCY DRESS.

Those two words can either leave people quaking in their boots with anxiety, so excited they start thinking about it straight away or disgusted. The latter are people who take themselves way too seriously and should think about seeing a hypnotist to unleash their inner child.

My inner child, however, is out and skipping happily down the road with a bright smile on it's chubby little face. The fact is, that most of my friends love looking like utter fools, and I love dressing myself up like the Barbie dolls of my youth.

In September I am going to a Fancy Dress party where the theme is Nursery Rhymes and Children's book characters. When I read this you could probably see the light bulb hovering over my head, flashing furiously.

I had hundreds of ideas. Miss Muffet, Goldilocks, Mary with her little lamb, The Snow Queen, Dorothy, Gretel, Wendy from Peter Pan. The list goes on. And I haven't even started mentioning the generous amount of princesses I could add to the list. Fairy tales are my speciality when it comes to stories, so I know them all. Or nearly all of them, anyway.

In the end I was saved from what would surely become an epic quest for the right character by my boyfriend's sister, who had decided to come as Alice in Wonderland and wanted a few of us to join her in this theme. I think I narrowly escaped being Tweedle Dee due to my twinness. Stacey and I decided to be the red and white queens retrospectively.

The other fancy dress party I have been invited to is a Halloween party. My costume is still a mystery to me. Last year I went as 'Little Dead Riding Hood'. I had made my own cape, which took a lot of time and effort, and I decided to have huge lipstick gashes on me from where the wolf had clawed me. It was pretty effective.

So, to conclude this blog, I will try to find a few super awesome fancy dress things that I have been. Prepare to be impressed:

This is me as red riding hood

As Luna Lovegood for a Harry Potter Party

As a Cowgirl

And finally as a prostitute for a 'Pimps and Hoes' party, together with a few of my friends

There are plenty more things I have been, notably witches and whatnot for Halloween as it's always been a great time to dress up. Maybe this Halloween i'll be something a bit more original.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Vertically challenged

I used to be a normal size when I was about 7. In fact, all the way up until puberty hit. But soon after it DID hit, everyone else was now a normal size, and I was falling behind. I remember the times when people who are now rather a lot taller than me were actually shorter than me and I wonder what I did wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I'nm not a dwarf or anything. And I don't think i'm legally classed as a midget. I am 5 ft 2 though. Which is very hard to beat nowadays. I think I know 2 or 3 people who are actualy shorter than me by at least an inch.

It seems like puberty forgot to give me a growth spurt all those years ago. Luckily, my twin is still as short as I am, and therefore I don't feel self conscious about it too often. Still, it is quite uncomfrotable straining my neck upwards at 99% of my friends and my boyfriend.

I suppose there are good things about being short:
You don't have to bend over too far to pick something up off the floor.
You ask nice strong young men to take things off of high shelves and they take pity on you.
Most men like their women shorter than them, so I have no problems with being too tall.
You look younger than you are, so you get the pleasure of flashing your shiny pink driving licence at them whilst smirking.

However, there are also a few bad things. Mainly the contant neck strain and the hundreds of height jokes shot in your direction. Oh and one thing I can't stand is being whacked in the face with low umbrellas.

I don't mind being poked fun at so much though. I can't change my height, so why worry about it? And why be concerned that I'm not a normal size? In my world, normal is boring anyway.

I suppose that whilst being tall means you can be a model and you can eat that bit mroe cake without your stomache looking bigger than it was before, it also has a few problems. Like a high centre of gravity, meaning you're more likely to have bad balance. Or stooping to go through doorways or under tree branches.

I guess shortness is both a way of life and a state of mind. I think I'll keep on with being happy with my height, rather than fretting about it and wishing to be taller, unlike so many other women.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cousins, a fountain of priceless information

My cousin is 20 years old and has the most interesting views on the world I have ever known. This probably stems from his love of philosophy and generally making himself a nuisance to other people.

Despite his controversial views, I do tend to actually agree with him. He phrases things in such a way you can't really not agree with him, and seems to have a gift for persuasion.

One such thing that I agree with him about are his ideas on people. Namely that people tend to think they are not actually animals and therefore are above them. But the thing is, people really are animals.

Our ideas of superiority mainly stem from the fact that we are able to communicate with eachother using language. Newsflash: Animals communicate with eachother too. Ever heard of birdsong? In fact, any sound an animal makes, especially dolphins with their sonar. Animals are, in fact, just as clever as we make ourselves out to be.

But, thinking about this more reasonably, are we so different from the creatures we deem as beneath us?

As children, we thrive on our instincts. If we want to go and play, we will. We get an impulse to climb a tree, it's doubtful we won't do it, or at least try. Just like animals. We educate our young as animals do, though they teach them life skills instead of mathematics (and I think i'd prefer life skills).

As adults, we tend to think of ourselves as still more superior than our younger counterparts. Unfortunately, we are still wrong. We only fight our instincts. We still want to procreate, we live together in packs with our families close by, we work to keep ourselves alive.

In a scary situation it always comes back to two responses; confrontation or running away. I'm sure most of you have heard of the fight or flight instinct, and this is so animalistic I hardly need to tell you to think of a predator and the reactions of its prey.

We all follow the crowd too, mostly because we know there is safety in numbers. Most of us would not like living alone, for example, or would like a group of people with them on a night out, rather than being alone.

Even who we choose as our partners has something to do with our animalisitic ways. Women are very attracted to men with big muscles when they are ovulating, as they will protect their young, for example. I think this is a good example of how we are ruled by these tendencies.

And you know when dogs mark their territory? Our version is taking a property and putting our stamp on it; painting the walls and putting in our furniture. It seems we have marked the world as our territory with our buildings, tarmac and concrete.

All this hasn't come from my cousin though. These are my thoughts as I have looked into his theory and I have found it to be quite true. Still, I do think that we may be superior in a way, simply by having the creative and innovative minds that have industrialised the world for our benefit.

We believe that animals are not aware of death and do not question the world, but we do. We have religion where animals do not. But the thing is, we don't actually know what animals think. So how do we know if we really are superior?

Monday, 16 August 2010

I Heart London

The capital of England is a bustling world full of things to do and sights to see. Even as a Brit myself, I find it fascinating. It has so much history everywhere; monuments, statues, plaques. Even the roads and buildings themselves. Streets have become world famous, and not only due to the monopoly board.

I haven't been to London too many times, but when I have gone, I have always had a wonderful and memorable day. When I went with my mum and sister not long ago (see 'Why going to London is always a good plan'), I saw a plaque on a house on the opposite side of the road which said that Charles Dickens had once been there. Being a book lover, I was very happy with this piece of information.

The last time I went to London was on Saturday. My boyfriend hates London, and he thought he would have a terrible time, so imagine my surprise when he said he had really enjoyed it.

The original plan was to go shopping in Camden, but it really didn't work out as it was mostly clothing and tattoo parlours (really not my boyfriend's style). We didn't stay for too long.

Covent Gardens was our next stop and this was by far more interesting to see. We sought out the theatre and then explored the enormous shopping centre, stopping by various street performers.

By far the best street act was a comedian who got members of the public to recreate 'The X Factor'. He got them to dress up as the village people and dance some truly ridiculous dances. It was hilarious.

We then went on an expedition to Leicester Square as I had never seen it before. And I have to say, I was quite impressed. All around this pretty square garden with its busts at the edges and a memorial at the centre, were restaurants and cinemas. It also had a good few clubs, which really made me wish we weren't going to the theatre later, as they looked pretty fun.

We also took a trip down to Trafalgar Square, as it wasn't too far away. I was rather stunned at the enormity of the square and its many statues. As soon as we got there we were accosted by happy people offering free hugs, which really made my day. Nelson's column was easily the most impressive thing of all, as it stands over 56 metres high.

To finish off our night, we headed to the Duchess Theatre back in Covent Gardens. After all, what's a trip to London without a trip to the West End? We went to see 'The Secret of Sherlock Holmes' as we thought it would be enjoyable for all of us.

It was well acted and interesting, but since it was about Sherlock's mental state, it didn't have the problem solving and mystery that I had come to associate Sherlock Holmes with. Overall, I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

If you've never been to London and you would like to know what it's all about, then I have a few recommendations for you:

1. A open top bus sightseeing tour; by far the quickest and least taxing way to enjoy the sights of London. And you don't get achy feet or have to go on the hot, crowded underground.

2. The London Eye; where else would you get a spectacular eagle eye view of your favourite sights than at the top of a huge wheel? Houses of Parliament and Big Ben for the win.

3. London Zoo and London Aquarium

4. Madame Tussauds; unbelievably had a ride inside it that gave you a history of London. Interesting and entertaining. Not to mention photos with those famous faces.

5. Shopping in Oxford Street (and Covent Gardens)

And don't forget to book some tickets for a show in the West End. They have plenty of shows to choose from so everyone will be happy. Les Miserables is a must see.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Body Image and Beauty Ideals; What is going on?

In the good old days, everyone thought that Marilyn Monroe was the most beautiful woman that ever existed. She was the equivalent of an english size 10. She had curves and an arse and she was gorgeous.

Recently it's been all about the size zero phenomenon. Twigs and stick insects strutted down the catwalks and celebrities were poked and prodded by the media.

What now?

Apparently we're all accepting that size 12 is the best size to be and that being able to snap in half by a hug isn't actually a good thing. But obesity is still a problem.

Hmmm. Now, to me, this changing attitude is a little confusing. What am I meant to be like? A twig, curvy or chunky? Thin is actually still the ideal for many people. Just look at our celebrities. They still get criticised if they gain even an ounce of fat. Imagine what it's like in schools.

I tend to get quite frustrated in the ideals of beauty. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is it really? I don't think so. It is now in the eyes of the media and the personalities behind it. It is still run by the same people who brought you widespread anorexia.

They show you women with perfect skin, and you think that your should have that skin. The same goes for tiny women; they show you, you want. Like the perfect pair of shoes sitting in a shop window, ready to be bought if only you made the effort to go get them.

I know this is slightly unfair, as I have read a good few articles in lifestyle magazines that encourage women to stop obsessing about their weight and learn to love themselves. But then I see the models they use in the adverts and in the pictures themselves and wonder if this is all just a lie.

Pictures subliminally affect you more than words. You don't think about the pictures. But we are still bombarded with images of skinny models, actresses and pop stars. And if you don't believe me, take a look around.

So next time you wonder why your perfectly curvy friend is worrying about her love handles, you can safely blame it on the ads.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Twins. Why the (kinda creepy) fascination?

My twin has three tattoos. She also has pierced ears and glasses. So what? I hear you yell at me into your screen.

Well that fact is that I don't. Nor do I want to poke myself in the eyes so I too have to wear glasses. I don't want to get my ears pierced and I don't want her tattoos. See? Twins can be different after all.

I like to think that Stacey and I are probably as different as you can get with identical twins. For a start, we have so many differences that it is actually hard to believe we even are twins. We're proof that you don't get your personality from your genes.

Stacey likes Criminology. I do not understand this in the slightest. I think it's probably the third most boring thing in the world. Law comes in at number one, closely followed by politics. I think if I did that course, I'd have gotten kicked off by now for falling asleep in lectures. But hey ho, whatever floats your boat.

Our taste in music is quite similar when it comes to rocky stuff. But you put us in a club and Stacey will complain about the music at some point. I, on the other hand, will be happily dancing (and singing) along to pretty much anything. Apart from rap, I hate rap. This is a thing we have in common.

The tattoos she has, whilst pretty, aren't what I would have on my body. Then again, it'd have to be pretty special to be on my body as I like my skin pure at the moment. Saying that though, I have been wanting to have a twin tattoo, and since stacey has just designed one I rather like, I may have it.

Our hair colour has seen a few pretty drastic changes over the years. Mostly it has been Stacey going a bit crazy with the dye. She's been bright red, dark red, blue black, ginger, brown and red black. She's naturally a blonde. The most crazy hair colour I've ever been is a deep brown in year 10. It looked great, but I went back to blonde not long after.

And our taste in men? Totally different. Stacey would 'never in [her] right mind go for a footballer', and I certainly would. I wouldn't go for an overtly geeky guy either, and Stacey has had her fair share of those.

I watched a twin programme once. I was shocked and appalled about what I saw. These twins actually wanted to be like eachother. They got the same haircut, they had the same posessions, they wore the same clothes. They might as well have been the same person. They even slept in the same bed (this would end very badly for me and my twin if we tried it).

I don't know why on earth you would spend so much time and effort looking like someone else, even if it is your twin. I know today's society is a bit like a flock of sheep, but they're taking it to a whole new level.

Finally, there's only one more thing to discuss. Stupid. Questions. If I ever hear the line 'do you read eachother's minds?' again, I may strangle the person who issued it. My top three annoying questions are:
1. Which is the oldest? Me
2. By how much? A minute
3. Do you feel eachother's pain? No, we bloody well don't. Now leave me alone.

And no, we don't do threesomes either. It's gross. And how would you like it if someone asked that of you and your sibling? Same principle applies.

Long story short, twins aren't really something to make a big fuss about. We aren't actually the same person and therefore can't do anything cool or weird. We're just sisters, only the same age.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Young mums and dads: too much, too soon

You know what really gets on my nerves?

Young people having children. And I'm talking REALLY young, not twentysomethings, but teenagers.

I find it quite unbelievable that not so very long ago it was unacceptable for an unmarried woman to even contemplate having sex, and now 14 year olds are doing it and managing to get pregnant.

To be brutally honest, these young women (and men) are being extremely irresponsible. When I do have a child, I would like to be able to give it a proper home, a father who will stick around and everything it needs. I would want to have a good, stable job so that I am able to provide for it. And I wouldn't want to depend on government funding and the help of my parents to do all that.

These young people are pretty much kids themselves. Some haven't even finished their basic education, let alone ever gotten a job. I think that it is very unfair for children to be brought into a world where they will not be properly taken care of because their parents are still so immature.

I am currently 19, and I feel that I am still not ready to have a child. I have to get through university and get a good job before I think about things like that. The idea of marriage and family seems to far away to me.

So why do they even go along with having these children? I honestly have no idea. I think some of them must believe that they are more mature then in reality, that they can cope with the pressure of being a parent and having someone that depends entirely on you.

When I was in my first year at college, a girl I knew at the time got pregnant. It was the first time she'd ever had sex. She was a couple of months younger than me. When I look back on this I wonder if she ever actually thought about preventative measures, or even about getting pregnant at all. I wonder if she had ever thought about having a child before then.

Probably not.

Not long before she found out she was pregnant, she dropped out of college, so all she had to her name was her GCSE results and a job at a shop. Now, the only thing I know about her is that she goes clubbing a lot, and I wonder who looks after the baby.

I think that when teenage girls get pregnant and decide to have the baby, their lives are promptly ruined. They never get to enjoy the freedom you gain in going to university or taking a gap year. They have to give up the things they could have enjoyed, like going out clubbing.

I am so glad that I have enough sense to make the conscious decision not to have children until I know I can provide for them and give them a good life. I just hope that the trend of getting pregnant so young is going down and not up.

Friday, 6 August 2010

A look into the getting ready to party process (men, you have been warned)

There is something about getting ready for a night out that really makes me happy. The fact is, I rather enjoy the whole process. And believe me, there is quite a long one when it comes to me.

The actual process starts about a week in advance (if i decide to really look forward to it). This is the psyching yourself up stage and it mostly consists of chatting about the upcoming event with your friends until you have a good few details arranged (how to get there and back, where to stay overnight, and most importantly, what kind of thing you're thinking about wearing, so you all don't go too over the top).

A couple of days later is the inevitable shopping trip for essential party wear/accessories. You will take with you either a bunch of your girl friends or your mum and sister. During this time your will spend hours searching for the 'perfect' [insert clothing item here].

For me, it's mostly the perfect top or shoes. Yesterday, in anticipation of tonight's frivolities, I bought an entire outfit, including accessories. If I could have found the perfect shoes, then they would have been bought too.

On the day it takes on average 3 hours of your time to get ready. First and foremost, you do your nails to match your outfit. You do this as messily as you like, because next on the list is the hour long soak in a bath totally filled with bubbles.

The excess nail polish that has been smothered over your skin will be removed by the water. Whilst in the bath you will expertly shave every single hair you can find, scrub you hair until shiny and exfoliate your skin to within an inch if its life.

After you have dried yourself off, you will begin your facial cleansing routine, which includes exfoliating your skin until red and then cleansing it with some kind of fruity smelling cleanser.

Then comes the moisturising. All over body moisturising, with different ones for your feet, face and hands. Body butter in another fruity scent is used for all other parts of your body. This is a gruelling and time consuming task, but it's worth it when someone comments on how smooth and soft your skin feels. You then douse yourself with some perfume so you have at least 6 separate scents on you.

The next three final tasks can go in any order, but I prefer to do my makeup first. So, makeup on. For some this can be quite difficult, as you have to be methodical about it. But I tend to skip the whole concealer, foundation, skin stuff and go straight in with the eyes: lids, liner, mascara, done.

Of course the eyeshadow is in one of the shades in your outfit (this could also be the colour of your accessories), the liner is smudged for a smoky effect. Your lashes are curled with some sort of torture device before the mascara is then gilded on several times before being separated with yet another torture device. Lips are fairly easy for me as I just plonk on some lip balm. I then put a bit of blush on (not loads, because otherwise I look like I've been slapped a good few times.

Clothing next, which is simple enough seeming as it has already been laid out on a hanger for days, complete with which underwear, accessories and shoes you'll be wearing.

Last but not least, the hair. This can take from 5 minutes to half an hour depending on the style. I prefer to straighten my hair or put it in a ponytail. These both don't take too long, assuming that you have the practise in hand.

And viola, you're ready to go (and it only took 3 hours). OK, in comparison to a man's getting ready process, this is a long and complicated procedure that doesn't need to be done. But let's take a look at the mens' version shall we?

1. Shower, dry, put on deodorant (15 mins, maybe 20)
2. Do hair (5 mins, 10 if he's a perfectionist)
3. Pick, and then put on specific going out clothes bought ages ago and check yourself out in the mirror (5 mins)
All in all, around half an hour.

Ah, the effort involved in that.

Now I know this seems like a really shallow blog, but trust me, I only do all this for the good of the people. The ones partying with me. My friends, so they don't want to creep away because I look like I just crawled out a sewer. Oh and of course for my boyfriend, so he can brag to his friends about how hot I am and they won't be disappointed. :)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Just another feel good message... brought to you by Kyra

For a good few years (mainly the ones from when I started being interested in boys to a couple of years ago, which is a lot of years) I was something of a tart. Not a whore, or anything, although somehow I got that reputation without even having sex, but the kind of girl who picks up, plays with and puts down guys. A total flirt. And a slight homewrecker too, I'll admit.

I never stayed with a guy for more than a couple of months. My longest relationship was 6 months and that was only some sort of comfort thing. I got in with the wrong crowds and ended up doing a bunch of things I regret; smoking being one of them. And those friends always stabbed me in the back. I mean always.

But I won't go into details about that whole period in my life. That is probably for another day, when I meander back to the past and pick it to pieces.

So basically, to get to the point, I never thought I would be saying that I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and I have no intention of letting him go. And I love him lots (and I'm fairly sure he loves me back).

In fact, I have never been so happy in my life. I have a boyfriend who loves me, a load of great friends (old and new), a place of my own (ok, I'm renting it and I havn't moved in yet, but it's still mine) and I'm going to uni and studying something interesting and fun. My life feels on track (despite me being bored as hell this holiday).

I have a good few things to look forward to in the coming months and hopefully in that same time I can go do more photography to put on Flickr (see 'Why Photography is no longer my hidden talent' blog for more details). I also may do a bit of charity work to keep up the feel good vibe.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Why the summer holiday isn't always exciting

University is brilliant. I really can't fault it.

Not only do you gain an independance from your parents, but you learn something you're actually interested in doing for a career. At the end, hopefully (if you work hard enough), you gain a good qualification and get that job.

You work hard, you play hard, and you have really really long holidays. And that is where it gets boring actually, the holidays, as I am now discovering.

After completing your first year at uni, unlike college where you start your second year after the exams, you finish and go home. This is all great at first, after all, you probably missed home. You suddenly feel free. You feel the need to do nothing and let your mum take care of you again.

But the fact is, that after a while you get bored of being free and you just want to be busy again. Even if it means working your butt off at uni. This is how I am feeling today. Very lethargic.

I've pretty much done everything I wanted to do this holiday; a trip to London, a Holiday, a few days at the beach, clubbing, seeing a few films, shopping, slobbing out, making the most of the close proximity of my boyfriend and seeing all my friends a good few times.

I still have just under two months until I go back to uni. And I am very much looking forward to this. I may go early, just so I can be busy once again. Sort my new room out, make sure it has enough storage, make sure the house is stocked up and looking nice. I also would love to get a job in that time, for friday evenings and such. I missed my freshers week fun last year, so I think I shall have to reclaim it this year. Only this time I have some amazing new friends to go out with.

For now though, I'll content myself with reading, blogging, painting, drawing and spending time with the people I will miss when I go back.

Any more ideas?

Friday, 30 July 2010

Why Inception was amazing

This is my first review on here, so I'll do my best writing it, but I would love your comments to see how I can improve my writing and make it appealing to everyone.

Inception has had rave reviews and, to be honest, I agree with these whole heartedly. The whole idea of going into a subconcious has been around in a while, notably in The Matrix. However, this is so much more, well, human.

The concept in the movie is one that I have always found fascinating, as you have seen in a previus blog of mine: Dreams. And it's not just about what people dream, it's about using their dream state to extract information or give them ideas in their waking state.

It is so difficult to put into words the intricate detail that this film goes into without sounding too gushy, so I will simply say that to fully understand, you NEED to see this film.

The plot is fairly unpredicatable and interesting, and the concepts inside the dream world are very thoroughly thought out. For example, that there can be dreams within dreams, and that they can be affected by what is on the 'next level'. This is shown beautifully in the scene where the gorgeous (not to mention talented) Joseph Gordon Levitt battles with a 'projection' whilst the gravity shifts (this is when the level below is actually a car tumbling down a hill).

As you can tell from that explanation, the film can sometimes be hard to get your head around, so you have to really concentrate. And try not to miss any or you may get left behind!

The visual effects are really something to rave about. The one scene that sticks in my head to when Ariadne (Ellen Page) is able to change the dream and folds it on itsself. The very idea of being able to change the dream consciously is one I have been fascinated with and so it was interesting to see this happen on the big screen.

Leonado Dicaprio was, as always, a brilliant choice for the lead. His acting was wonderful and he displayed his conflicting emotions realistically. Ellen Page, who I don't normally like in films, was surprisingly good as well, though not as touching, simply because we do not get to know her in much depth.

The plot itsself has so many layers and hidden depths that it keeps you thoroughly entertained and thoughtful for long time after it has finished. I know I spent a long time simply thinking about the layers of dreams and what happened in each one.

So if you want to see a visually stunning, thought provoking film that is full of action and good acting, I think you know where to look.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Theft (written by Ashley)

Stacey tried to steal my bookmark!!! This was the number one thing in my day that made me angrier than I felt for the rest of the day. And this was a day that included me having three shouting matches with my manager, threatening to beat up my best mate and accusing a member of the office staff in no uncertain way that we were overworked. Anyway back to Stakey, as i am now calling her. She tried to steal my bookmark!!! For those who don't know my bookmark is a wooden leaf that was given to me as an easter present from my mum! So obviously a lot of sentimental value. I had been reading her book 'Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief' and had finished it the night before. Once I was done a placed the bookmark inside the front page of the book and placed it tenderly on the coffee table before i retired to the bedroom for a good nights sleep. My sleep was interupted on three occasions, which was probably the start of that days bad mood. First my girlfriend whacked me on the nose as she climbed in, then my best mate edward practically trod on me as he attempted to reach his bed, and finally that menace of a girl stacey decided to spend five minutes rustling a plastic bag next to my head! The next morning I wake up early to go to work and the book has vanished! Stolen by it rightful owner in the depths of the night...and my bookmark along with it!!! This was the beginning of the days bad mood as I had to use my mates birthday invite as a bookmark for the day whilst I forced stakey to leave the bookmark behind on my pillow for me to collect later after I had to work late and missed my oseopathy appointment that would have sorted my bad back out. But do not worry people there was one good thing the brightened my day for a couple of brief moments. One of the managers in the office brought his dog in for the day and since I am a dog fan I loved brief time I got to feel like life wasn't against me just yet!

Why the pirates would win

This is a very serious issue that I feel needs a bit of scrutiny.

It is commonly believed that if ever there was an epic battle between ninjas and pirates, the ninjas would win. But, I think I have come up with fairly conclusive evidence to the contrary, using some good, old fashioned, common sense.

Ninja skills consist of good fighting technique, agility and fast reflexes. They will probably have trained for combat on level ground and streets. Can they swim? Probably not, why would they be fighting in water, after all?

Pirates, on the other hand, have no such fighting technique. However, they do have guns, swords and a ship that can do a lot of damage to big things.

Pirates hardly ever go on land except to collect buried treasure. They much prefer the sea and therefore like to spend the least amount of time on a deserted island as possible.

Since ninjas come at you from the shadows, they will not be found waiting to ambush the pirates at the desert island, if indeed they knew there would be treasure there in the first place, given that the pirates would have a map. Therefore we can assume that the Ninjas would be forced to stow away on board the pirate ship when they dock near enough to their training camp (probably near a city, as they have lots of dark spaces).

The pirates naturally have the advantage in their boat, but would not win in combat. They would have to sink their beloved ship to drown the ninjas and then commandeer another one, thus leaving them to set off into the sunset on their heroic quest for gold once again.

However, if the pirates are not so quick to do this, they will still win in the long run as the ninjas will not have had the training required to work the ship. They will probably either run it aground or sink it by steering into rocks (please see previous paragraph for details on ninjas drowning and sunsets for pirates).

So you see, ninjas are really nothing compared to a hook, a wooden leg and bloodthirsty parrot or two.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Why photography is no longer my hidden talent

A small post?! I must be out of my mind, having not many words to write and all. But I do have exciting news. I'm branching out:

Ever since I got my camera a few years ago, I've been trying to build up some sort of portfolio of really nice pictures to put up on display somewhere.

I have had a few compliments on my photography skills so I thought I had better show everybody.

And now, after much deliberating I have finally decided to put them on the internet for all to see, on Flickr:


I really hopethat this link works, as I havn't had much luck with it so far. Thankfully I have a very nice friend that decided to help me.

Some of the photos I have uploaded are really, really old and some are very recent, so try not to laugh at some of the wobblier ones, they're on there because I like the effect.

Feel free to have a good look at them and tell me what you think. The more comments I get, the happier I am!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Why all the gender hostility?.. I'll tell you why..

My dear friend recently wrote a blog highlighting how men are better than women. Unfortunately he forgot that women can retaliate better and, with lethal, cutting comments that could rip him to shreds.

I don't actually think that women are any better or worse than men, I tend to think that we are equal. Women are better at some things and men are better at others.

I will freely admit that women are not as good at driving than men (I myself have pretty bad spatial awareness), but we are more careful, which is why we cause less crashes. It is probably the knowledge that we are bad at driving which causes us to be careful in the first place. Men don't really tend to acknowledge their flaws so easily, let alone do much about them.

Multitasking is one thing he mentioned along with driving. I know that it is a common truth that women are better at multitasking than men. However, I am probably the worst person ever to talk to about women's proficiency in multitasking, because I am useless at it. Really, it's that bad. I am thoroughly ashamed of myself.

My boyfriend is a prime example of not being able to multitask. He reads but can't hear at the same time, he watches TV and isn't able to chat. But, he IS very good at driving, and being nice.

I hate to be all conventional and stuff, but women are also better at cleaning. It's like we have microscope eyes sometimes. My boyfriend can hardly see the clumps of dust and dog hair that I can see hiding in the deep, dark recesses of his room. I think his version of cleaning is actually giving the floor a quick hoover and shoving a few of his clothes in his wardrobe.

We're also rather good at cooking, though I daresay that any man who takes an interest might decide to get better than us. There are so many TV cooks out there who are men, I think this might actually be right.

So, are men really better than women? Are men missing the obvious that women are actually better than them? I mean, we do have the ability to give life, something that men can only contribute to. Or are we equal, as God intended? I think I'll agree with God.

PS: Sorry wonderful boyfriend for highlighting your terribleness at tidying, I love you anyway!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Why it pays to stop and think

Sometimes, when I'm on my own, just thinking, I listen to the clocks ticking. Their constant counting of seconds reminds me that we all have a certain amount of time in this world, and that it's worth making the most of.

It makes me think of the years I have already spent and what I have done with them. Admittedly there were no world altering changes in there, but I am proud of how I have grown as a person and what I have achieved for myself so far.

For example, I (and my twin along with me) am the first in my family to get through the first year of university, and the second to actually get in to uni. I know this doesn't seem like a big achievement, but I am proud knowing that those before me have failed where I have succeeded, and therefore my hard work and determination this year paid off.

When I lie back and watch those little clock arms go ceaselessly clockwise, I also think about what else I have to offer, and this time not just myself, but everyone else. I have so much time ahead of me to be able to make a difference. I don't quite know what that difference will be yet; Maybe to help people going through a difficult time with a heartfelt and helpful blog entry?

My advice, to those of you who want it, is to fill your life with happiness and fun. If you find yourself snapping at people, ask yourself if you would rather spend your precious time being happy instead. Chances are, you do.

Try not to spend to much of your time doing nothing; sleeping or on the internet, for example. Instead, why not get out and do something? It could be something small, like going for a walk in the park, or taking a jog to kick start that exercise plan you drew up but never actually did. Or something big, like starting up your own business. What do you have to lose?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Why my year just got a loads better

My sister is always talking about America and how much she wants to go there when she finished university. Life is really not fair sometimes.

This year, I am going to New York on a trip with my Magazine Journalism course. We're staying in Manhattan, which is perfect for what I wanted to do and see. The main reason we're going is to take a look at possibly one of the best Publishing Houses in the English language. However, I think a few of us are finding it hard not to be excited about christmas shopping there. My sister practically begged for me to take lots of photos and get her a 'I Heart NY' t-shirt.

I've been looking it up, and New York has so many things I want to go and see. Nothing appeals to me more than seeing all the sights. Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge.. you name it, I want to see it.

I'm not sure if i'll have enough hours in the day to do all this, but I figured that I should do as much as possible, having never been to America before. In fact, the only place out of Europe that I've been to is Africa, and that just wasn't as glamourous. It was a humbling experience, but it didn't have the sights that a good tourist craves.

I didn't think that I would be able to afford this trip, so it came as a nice surprise for me when I realised I could. My boyfriend is totally wonderful and offered to help me pay, but due to my new found fierce independance I won't accept his money lightly, if at all. The best thing is, I thought it would be really expensive, but the whole thing costs in the region of £500, which is far less than I thought it would be.

So, I am in a rather happy place right now. And I can't wait to get all those American gifts for my friends and family.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Why that computer virus might not be what you think it is

I know, a very long winded title, but very much to the point, as you will see.

Did you know that clicking the 'X' button on the pop up from and internet site could cost you £50? Well, you'll sure know about it when you get scammed that way.

I was sitting at my laptop when a Windows bubble popped up on the bottom, right of my screen saying that my computer was infected.

There were two things that I noted during my complete shock at having a virus:
1. That I already had an antivirus that was working fine, which should have stopped it from contaminating the computer.
2. That I didn't recognise the antivirus software that had discovered this virus (or these many viruses, as I later found out).

I did what any sane person would do. I tried to scan my computer with the antivirus that I knew I had installed. Nothing. According the 'windows' it could not be opened as it was infected.

The scan from the unknown antivirus kicked in and I was forced to watch as it found several files that were at risk or critical. I even saw a couple of trojan's. I couldn't believe it. My other software must have been rubbish. The unknown antivirus prompted me to buy their full version, as their trial version did not get rid of the viruses.

I tried the internet next, to see if there was any way to get a free antivirus that would actually work. No such luck. Apparently a file that was meant to open it was infected. Funny though, that the website of the full mystery antivirus program was the only website I could get to. I deigned not to give any money to them.

So, my mum and I took it to a professional, and he took one look at it and told us that my laptop didn't have a virus.

In fact, what it was, was a very clever scam; a fake antivirus that you unwittingly download onto your computer. For example, you are on Facebook and you click on a link to something (a video maybe) that is meant to be hilarious. But there's a catch. To see the video, you have to downlaod something. You click 'X'/ Cancel.

But clever Mr programmer has other ideas. He's programmed both 'X' and 'Cancel' to actually mean yes and you download your unwanted file anyway. But it's not what you thought it was. It's an evil fake antivirus. In a few minutes, hours, or maybe the next time you turn on your computer, it will kick in a nd tel lyou that your computer is infected.

Unfortunately for you, if you believe it, chances are that the offer of buying the full, virus beating version of the one that may have saved your precious documents from being wiped, is a very welcome one.

The probelm is, the software you download for your hard earned cash doesn't actually do what it is supposed to. Some people will go back and pay more money, some people will take their computer to a professional at this point. But it's too late. They already have your bank details, your identity, and a bit of your money. Bummer.

My top tips to prevent this freom happening to you are partially what our professional said, and some common sense thrown in for good measure:

1. Get Firefox. It doesn't allow those kind of sites to get to your screen as it doesn't use ActiveX controls.

2. Instead of pressing 'X' or 'Cancel' to get rid of your risky pop up, press ctrl, Alt and Del at the same time and close the browser from there.

3. If you don't recognise the program, don't give it money. Especially if you alread yahve one that is supposed to do exactly the same thing.

4. Talk to a professional if you're not sure about anything, you may not completely know what's going on.

And before I go, a bit more advice: If anyone calls to tell you that your computer has a virus and that they can sort it out (yes, even microsoft), ask yourself 'how do they know'? Chances are, they're trying to scam you.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Why Master of Olympus is awesome

Master of Olympus is probably one of the best games I have ever played.

I first played it a few years ago, in my own home. But sadly it was lost and in some inexplicable way, we have never seen it again. Recently, I was talking about it's awesomeness to my boyfriend and he decided to buy it for me. Now we play it a lot, and we still can't get over how addictive it is.

Master of Olypus is basically a simulation game of ancient greek society. It is a lot like Sim City in that respect, only you are in charge of literally everything. You can conquer other anceint greek cities, make huge sanctuaries to the Gods and even host the Olympian games (otherwise known as the olympics).

I know it doesn't have the best graphics (as it was originally made for Windows 97, I think, but don't quote me on that) and it doesn't have the gameplay that we are used to. However, what it lacks in general aethetics, it makes up for in style.

The whole thing is very carefully thought through. You have tabs on which you control housing, work, food, supplies, hygiene, taxes, culture, mythology and your army. You build your entire city, sometimes from scratch. You make colonies for your main city so they aquire more goods and have a better army.

I think the best part of the game is the mythology, as you can build sanctuaries to all of the 12 olympians and have both gods and monters attack your city. Having built your sanctuary to a god, you can pray to them and they will give you gifts, for example, Dionysus will give you wine and Ares will fight in your army. Both Zeus and Apollo's sanctuaries also have the added bonus of an oracle so you can see into the future.

You can be attacked by various monsters, mostly beset on your city by unfriendly gods. I have so far encountered cyclops, hydra, maenads and talos. To get rid of these monsters, you have to have a hero in the city (Jason, Hercules or Odysseus, in these situations).

Another good thing about the game is that it allows you to play in different modes, like sandbox mode (where you can do anything), but that it also offers you the chance to complete several episodes, like Zeus and Europa or The Trojan War. This means that you have set goals to complete, ranging from easy to hard.

So, as the catchy slogan on the cover says:

Build a city, Challenge the gods, Spawn a Myth.

And maybe have fun in the process.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Why you shouldn't blog about dreams with your sister

One of the most confusing and interesting areas in the human mind is the part we have no control over. It is our unconscious state. Our dreams, in fact.

Dreams are one of the few things we have little knowledge of. All we really know is that they exist, and that they may be trying to tell us something. They are widely thought of as part of our minds' problem solving process when we sleep, so normally we can work out what they could mean. In some rare cases, people can manipulate their dreams, this is called lucid dreaming, for all you fact fans.

Some people believe that dreams tell you the future, others have whole books on the meanings of dreams. My sister and I believe that only the dreamer will understand what their dream is truly about, as it originated from their own mind. Some peoples dreams are only ever in black and white, whereas others' are in colour. Some people dream in both. Some people never remember their dreams, though everyone has them.

Nightmares, I think, are a whole other kettle of fish. I remember having a nightmare when I was about 7 or 8 of being chased by the dog from Tom and Jerry, and Casper the friendly ghost was trying to save me. To this day I still don't know what it means. Nightmares are most often associated with women. It is either that most men simply don't have nightmares, or that they don't remember them.

We can sometimes get some sort of meaning from a nightmare, though it is mostly mosre confusing than dreams, probably due to the scary aspect. Sometimes you simply don't know what scared you. It can be something that wouldn't scare you in reality. but in dreamworld, it's the scariest thing since the boogeyman.

My sister and I have collaborated to tell you about our dreams, and I think we'll start with our top 5 nightmares:


1. I think that my scariest nightmares have been film like. In one, I was in a house in the middle of a huge marshland, with a group of friends. Each one of us was dying one by one by traps set in the house. When we tried to escape the land outside was foggy and our car sank into the marshland. The worst death was when a friend was against the wall and suddenly spikes came out of it. My dreams are quite graphic.

2. In another quite similar to this one, I was gain in a house with lots of people in it, only this time there was a murderer on the loose. We tried to group together to be safer, as the killer only killed people who were alone. The people around me went crazy and started to turn on eachother. When one turned on me, my friend killed them by plunging a spoon into their chest (weird, I know).

3. (This is my sister's dream). I was running away from a bunch of criminals who had invaded my nan's house (which wasn't actually my nans house, if you get my jist.) They chased me all over town. I did manage to trick one into the river, just about. I think the scariest part was when a woman came up to me, with massive rusty blades in each hand and swiped at me. Needless to say she did manage to hurt me pretty badly in the dream. I could still vaguely feel a pain in my leg when I woke up.

4. We both had nightmares involving black panthers when we were younger. In my one, it came through the window and prowled around my sister's bed. In my sister's one it came through the garden, into the kitchen and bit of her leg. Afterwards our dad chased it away with a gun.

5. In another of my nightmares, I was being chased by a vampire girl who was also a werewolf. She was trying to either kill me or turn me into a vampire/werewolf. This time, unlike my Casper dream, there was nobody to help me or save me. I still managed to fend her off by the time I woke up.

It seems that most of these mightmares are about other people or animals trying to kill or hurt us in some way. However, my sister's scariest dream was nothing like that. Her dream should have been a good one, but instead she had been scared of something she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Since I can't really remember any weird dreams, I shall hand it over to my sister to tell you about her's:

I can only remember a few. But I do remember that most of my dreams are pretty weird. I'll just tell you the few that I can remember. (They may not be particularly odd, but I shall explain.)

1. My pregnant dream.
This one was mostly weird because I was wandering around being pregnant yet thinking:'how can I possibly be pregnant? I haven't even had sex yet!' and other such things. Yet I could feel the baby and my bump. Weird.

2. My man dream.
Yes. I've been a man a few times in my dreams. They were really very weird. In one I was gay. And in the other one I was more of a woman in a man's body. (Although, I have to say, I was a pretty good looking man).

3. Befriending celebrity dream.
I've had my fair share of them. Mostly about the Jonas Brothers. (Yes, I know. But so what? I like their music, and they're hot.)So one time I was at a concert (it wasn't even theirs) and they came and sat next to me and we all got on like a house on fire. I'm not even sure whose concert we were at. I vaguely remember giving Joe Jonas a Nuggie (you know.. one of those things where you grab someone under your arm and rub their head..?) Also rather odd.

Back over to the other twin. (With a salute).

And before I sign off I would like to add my very own Jonas dream (which was obviously courtesy of my sister's fanaticalness).

I was in my primary school (which was actually a secondary school in my dream), and the Jonas brothers were coming as exchange students. Joe Jonas didn't actually have a face, but I knew it was him, as you do. Nick Jonas got talking to me and I said he played guitar really well, and we were instantly friends. Because I was now 'best friends' with a Jonas brother, I suddenly got really popular, started wearing high heels and shorter skirts which made it impossible to sit down for assembly (the detail is incredible). At the end of my dream I went a bit mad and screamed down the hall that I didn't want to be popular any more. Of course, this didn't work.

So, there you have it. A blog all about dreams, just for you guys. Feel free to comment about weird, scary or interesting dreams that you have had and tell us your thoughts on dreaming in general. We would love to hear anything you have to say.

Happy dreaming

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Why I won't be wearing the Tribal, Gothic or Western trends this Autumn/Winter

You know what kind of fashion trend I am loving right now?
The only one that I think suits me: lace.

It's not because lace is expensive looking or anything like that. Why I like it is because it is associated with being refined and posh, and yet it is now customised so that it looks young and new. Lace is such a classic look, especially in the colours that fashion is liking at the moment. Black, nude and white lace and netting are my favourite

And when I get into a trend that I think suits me, I just can't help myself. I end up scouting through shops, looking for the things that will make me look the best. I particularly like the types of tops/dresses that are close fitting with a lace or netting panel at the top, so it looks girlie without looking, well, tarty.

This following dress is a gorgeous example from very.co.uk:

I also have a few other pictures of things that are lace orientated, those being my gorgeous New Look shoes that I have previously chattered about (these also come as heels):

This top is also from New Look. I just LOVE the detail in this, so if you have a spare moment, go in for a close up of this one:

And just to top it all off, I saw the most gorgeous leggings at ASOS (please look at the detail too, I like this one because of the length and the pattern):

Please don't wear all of these together, they probably won't look quite as amazing as they would if they were with a few other, less showy, pieces of clothing.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Why being crafty is a good thing

I recently went into a charity shop searching for a book, and instead of a book, I came out with ten little plastic envelopes. Inside the shop, I had found a box full of cards that had been hand made and given in to sell for the charity. Some of these were beautiful, but I decided I could do better.

So armed with only my creativity and a couple of card making kits from poundland, I set about making my cards. It was hard going, but in the end my sister and I made 12 cards.

I only got pictures of the two that we didn't give to the charity, but I promise that I shall make more and post them up here.

Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly how to make them, all I know is that you need some card, a lot of card making accessories, some ribbon,some tissue paper, some glue and a bit of practise. And maybe an artistic flair.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Why you should never tell a student that their exams were/are easier than their predecessor's exams

Ahh, another age old debate. But this time, I have a real knowledge, and not just my (also slightly biased)opinion: Are kids getting cleverer or is school/ college/ uni getting easier?

I read a news article today asking just that. But it didn't end up answering it's own question, so I decided to have a go at answering it for them.

I would lOVE to say that my generation is simply cleverer than my parent's generation, but I don't think that's strictly true. I would also like to point out that my mum truly thinks that if she had done any of the work she's seen me doing, she wouldn't have done as well as me. This may not be true for all adults in her generation, but I've heard plenty of adults who are completely bemused over things I find quite simple.

And no way are the exams getting easier. Believe me, I have always found the work I've done to be quite hard. But I've worked hard and therefore gotten the grades that I think I deserve. In fact, my first year at uni has been very difficult, and I think it's amazing that so many people going have gotten firsts and upper seconds. Especially when I think myself lucky for even passing something. So well done to them for their hard work and determination to suceed, which is one thing their parents probably don't take into account.

But no, I don't think that generation are stupid either. I think that since they went to school, there have been way better teaching methods developed. More has gone into education and so we have gotten more out of it. That's why more of us are getting into college and uni and getting degrees. Forget cleverness, all humans have that same ability to learn. We have just learnt in a more effective way than our parents did.

I bet if they were taught the same way I have been, they would give me a run for my money come exam time.

So really, it's not a case of young people being cleverer or exams being easier (because they're not, they're REALLY hard as far as I'm concerned), it's about being taught well enough to ace the said exam and remember all those facts, or write the right things.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Why going to London is always a good plan

Yesterday I went on a day trip to London with my sister and my mum. It was awesome, if a little on the confusing side thanks to the underground and the buses.

First we went to London Zoo, which we found after traipsing around Camden and Regent's Park for a good ten minutes. I think I liked the butterflies the most, simply because it was truly a hands on experience, as the butterflies were continually fluttering around and landing on me and my sister.

Then we got back on the bus to go to Madame Tussauds, on Baker street (where we found a rather HUGE statue of Sherlock Holmes, and decided to pose with him). We didn't have too much time to get through it, but somehow we managed to do it in an hour or so.

I think the best waxwork was Johnny Depp - he's rather gorgeous. I didn't realise that celebrities were so tall though! Being only 5 ft 2, I was dwarfed by nearly all of the waxworks. Only Christina Aguilera was the same size as me.

I think I now have a little bit of a crush on Nick Jonas, who performed really well in Les Miserables as Marius. So not only did I get to see a damn good show, but I got a bit of celebrity spotting too!

Oh, and talking of celebrity spotting, mum saw an actor on Baker Street. We're not quite sure what his name was, but apparently he's famous (Angus Deayton or something). I saw Lucy Beale off Eastenders in the West end.. Ahahaha.


The best part about the show is that I didn't expect to like it, but did. Appreciate it, yes, but liking it is slightly different. The songs that I knew were sang beautifully. The comedy was just right and the love scenes wern't overly soppy so I didn't mind them.

I thought the war bits would be boring but in fact they were full of emotion that I could relate to, or sympathise with. The best part of the performance was of course the singing. The main characters all sang very well, and some of the scenes were so touching (the death of a character, for example).

All in all, I had a very fulfilling day, and took several pictures while I was at it. I think I will always remember the theatre as the best part, purely because I enjoyed every moment, despite thinking I wouldn't.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Why books should never be subjected to the horror that is film adaptations

I know, I know. It's that age old debate. Film Vs Book. For me, books win hands down. And I'll tell you why. But first, a bit of bio for you (and a bit of a bias warning):

I am a self confessed book worm. I like fantasy the best, therefore I shall chattering away about fantasy books in particular. If you would rather gouge your eyes out with the claws of your favourite cat than read about such things, I suggest you quickly click 'next blog' (just like you would on chatroulette when you see something you'd rather not).

If you love the thought of me criticising terrible fantasy film adaptations, you've come to the right blog. Grab some popcorn, put your feet up, and read away.

Warning over, now for the fun part.

I can think of so many good books that are ruined by the greed of their own authors. I can also think of a few that havn't been almost assaulted, but don't do the plot the justice it deserves. But instead of listing off books and their various faults, I shall just list the worst offending faults, and give you super good examples of films that do exactly that.

First off the casting can be an utter disaster. And in 'The Golden Compass' (book otherwise known as 'Northern Lights' in the UK) the casting is terrible. My Lyra was much more feisty. My Mrs Coulter was scarier and (as in the book, may I add) had dark hair. My Lord Asriel was no Daniel Craig, he was an austere looking man with a thin, elegant figure and a lashing tongue, again, more frightening. And they got the plot all wrong. It doesn't even end in the same place as the book.

Plot twisting annoys me a lot actually. Here I think the phrase 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' comes to my mind. The latest Prince Caspian wins the prize for this one. Not only is Prince Caspian a good few years older than he's meant to be, but he also has a thing for Susan. I understand the appeal of an older character but please, we don't need any love interests unless they're focal to the plot.

The same goes for missing bits out. Because if you miss bits out that you don't happen to think are important in the first film, you end up having to go back on yourself in the next. Take Eragon. Not only were the one liners atrocious but they missed out a character which, in the other books, turns out to shape the entire plot. Good One, people who cut out THAT scene (and they did cut it out, I've checked).

Missing bits out. Oh I could go on all day about that one. My imagination creates these wonderful scenes of battles and places, but when I think I'll be seeing what other people have dreamt up, the whole part is cut. Harry Potter is the best target I could have with this complaint. Fifth film; the hospital (St Mungo's), or the amazing fight scenes I thought would come up in the Ministry of Magic. Who else wanted to see Ron being attacked by a brain? I rest my case.

Bad acting positively kills a book stone dead. Unfortunately the only book to film that I can think of here is Twilight, so it didn't take that much to kill it anyway. Let me get this straight, I am not and will never be a twihard. Yes I have read all the books like a good little sheep. And yes I quite enjoyed them. My excuse is that they had a fairly good plot and the characters were interesting. The writing was descriptive, although lacking an actual style.

Now, the film obviously expects you to have read these books, or else you are in danger of wondering why you are watching it in the first place. The humour in the books is almost completely lost and the long pauses and stares make you want to time how long it takes Bella to get through a sentence, or the film to the point for that matter. And the point? Edward = vampire and they love eachother. Er... yay?

And here I think I will come to a close. I will simply say that books are far superior to their film counterparts. To anyone who would rather watch the film than read the book; you are utterly missing out, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Why guilty pleasures should probably be left unsaid

I know that it is quite conventional for a female to love her shoes, and to have many many pairs. I am one such female. I am also thoroughly ashamed of my willingness to conform to society in this way, and yet, (and here I think I may be chanelling Shania Twain) I feel like a woman.

I also know how very boring it may be to talk about shoes day in, day out. I therefore promise that I shall try not to bore you with any more shoe related blogs after this one (unless I happen to come across, and buy, an even more wonderful shoe.

Unfortunately for you, I have just bought the mother of all beautiful shoes from New Look, and so I feel the need to write about it.

In fact, I bought two mothers of beautiful shoes; the mother of flats and the mother of heels. 'Why are you so obsessed with these particular ones?' I hear you cry in contempt. Because they have lace, black lace. In a floral design that I just love. And they have silver under the lace. And a black trim. And a black heel.

And the heels are high enough to allow me to look a normal height. And the flats make my feet look even smaller than they already are.

Most of all I love them because they will go with anything. You name it, any colour, any outfit (except a gopping one that you shouldn't be wearing anyway, like an orange jumpsuit.. but they would at least make it look better than without them).

They particularly go with my clubbing style. I normally wear fairly classic clothing with silver accessories. For example, a long, fairly clingy plain black top with a black netting starting where a sweetheart neckline would be and ending fairly high. This would either be paired with plain black tights or black leggings/ jeggings (cropped or otherwise).

Now tell me those beautiful pairs of shoes wouldn't go well with an outfit like that?

In fact, I bought these shoes with a short, slinky black number also from new look, that has a plunging neckline with a twist under the boob area (which REALLY enhances those all important assets). It has black lace on it too, which is the main reason I bought those beautiful, beautiful shoes.

Team that dress with those heels and I think I'll be set.

Why cosmetic surgery isn't a good thing

Ah, the world of the female celebrity. Their shiny, happy, botoxed up faces and their huuge bra sizes. They all look beautiful, right?


Have you actually seen these people recently? Half of them look like wax works that have been left out in the sun for too long and the other half look like they have millions of tiny balloons inside their faces. Beautiful they definately are not.

I don't even think celebrities are made out of skin and bone any more. Most likely they've replaced it all with implants and botox. I devised a poem to articulate this, but I'm not so sure this hasnt been done before:

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are...
Gives it a whole new meaning doesnt it?

It would be quite rude of me not to mention the queen of fake in this here blog, so Jordan, this ones for you. Stop while you're ahead, please, for the sake of humanity. We do not want the aliens coming and thinking that you're what a normal human looks like.

And for anyone thinking about playing around with their face, take a good look at all the fish lips and the stretchy faces and think again. There are worse things out there than ageing gracefully.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Why doing tiny things makes a big difference

I went shopping today.

And as I was waiting for my sister to come out of Primark, I saw a man selling 'The Big Issue'. I had seen him before as I walked through the town centre. Once I bought a copy of 'The Big Issue' off of him.

But as I sat there I did something I didn't do before. I thought about his life. I wondered what had happened to him for him to be out on the streets, selling a magazine for income to live on. I wondered where he was sleeping, who he had to look out for him and whether he was eating enough. I wondered how the clothes he was wearing were, and how warm they could be come winter.

I bought a magazine from him.

Inside the magazine there was a story about a vendor who saved up £75 of his earnings to visit his daughter. He decided to sleep on the streets to have an early start in the morning and was mugged.

It really opened my eyes to the fact that these homeless people are vunerable, that they are still people, and the way they are treated by most people is with ignorance. I know too many people who would avoid eye contact with them and ignore them. I am one of those people. But after reading that magazine, I truly want to help.

I started with buying that magazine. In doing that small thing I felt a certain sense of pride in myself, for caring. I would like to encourage anyone reading this to also care, to do their bit for others. Even if it is simply a compliment to make someone feel good, or buying your books from a charity shop instead of Waterstones.

My sister currently volunteers for charity, working in a shop, and I think that I will do the same. Iwant to make a difference to other people's lives, for the better.

I hope that I carry this new thought with me from now on, as I think it has made me a better person for thinking it. I hope this has made you a better person for reading it.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Why driving is not for the mentally inept (ie; me)

I started learning to drive at the tender age of 17, as per usual (in the UK, that is).

I was terrible on my first lesson, of course, having never even got into the drivers seat of such a mind boggling machine before. But driving is hard. And learning to drive has been one of the toughest things I have done in. my. life.

My mind is the type of mind that goes everywhere at once with a single thought. Multi-tasking is difficult for a girl like me at the best of times, so handling a car overheats my brain after an hour or so.

I cannot begin to tell you how much money I have spent on driving lessons in these two years (yes, two) and to be honest, I'd rather not work it out. I think I would probably have a nervous breakdown.

On average it takes a person 40 hours to pass their driving test. For me, god knows how many, but I'd say it was nearing the 100 mark. On the plus side, at least I've had a lot of practise.

It took me five tests to pass. I attribute this large number of tests to my brain, yet again. It seems that I am very affected by the outside world when I drive. The first three times, I was too nervous to concentrate (although I did nearly pass the first time). Unfortunately that near pass made me more nervous about the test as I then cared more about passing it. Talk about your vicious circles.

Eventually I managed to calm myself down enough after my third attempt, where I almost gave up entirely after failing where my twin had succeeded. The fourth attempt was atrocious and doesn't bear thinking about. And on the fifth, success.

I am now the proud owner of a shiny new pink driving licence.

My brain has not yet made a full recovery from the shock of Actually Passing.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Why housing at Uni is a nightmare

University is meant to be really fun, right? Right! There's the legal drinking (and smoking if you succumb to nicotine like a cat on catnip), the clubbing, the great new friends and the absolute independance that comes from leaving the parents safely tucked away at home.

What they forget to tell you about are the bad bits. Trying to get up for 9am lectures, the sheer mountain of extra work (ok, sometimes it's a mountain, especially if you leave it to the last minute)and the housing.

My housing, in particular has indeed been a nightmare. When I first went to uni, I decided it would be much more cost effective if I stayed (with my sister) in my mum's friend's house. This was possibly the worst decision I have ever made. Not only was the woman a control freak who liked her house to look like it hadn't been lived in and us to do all the hard work, but it was at least a 20 minute bus journey away from the town centre, where the Uni (and any glimpse of a social life) is.

Next were the halls. They at least were a step up from the constricting world of the suburbs. However, sharing your kitchen with nine other (mostly) disgusting human beings who don't bother to wash up made me almost want to move back. And the noise. If I had a driving lesson in the morning, you could guarantee I would be knackered for it.

The guy next door playing his music till 11, sometimes 12. The drunken people loudly echoing the most annoying sound in existence (the traffic lights right outside my window). Oh, and not forgetting the girl down the corridor with the HUGEST mouth I have ever heard coming in after a night out. Thank god that year is over.

This coming year I am sharing a house with a truly great girl, her male friend and her boyfriend. Believe me, it will be so, so good. The only thing is sorting out the house in the first place!

I never knew true independance would be so hard, not only on your mind but on your money as well. In one meeting, I gave over £300, which seriously dented my finances. I won't even be in the place though the summer and yet I will be paying the monthly rent (with much remorse on the waste of good money). And then there are the meetings, luckily not too hard on my poor brain, where I get confused over how to split the bills and how much money I'll be needing.

So yes, housing at Uni is a nightmare, but hopefully there's a light at the end of the tunnel. At least next time I try for a house, I'll know exactly what I'm doing.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Why you should never get into your boyfriends interests

My boyfriend REALLY likes his football. When I first started dating him, I despised it, as any sane girl should. Now, however, after going to several of his teams' matches and watching god knows how many on the television (with him and his football orientated family), I have started caring. I am ashamed on behalf of all woman kind.

There are a few things a girl should know before they decide to try to get used to their boyfriend's love of football. First of all, it is a highly overrated sport. Second, it is also highly overpaid. Third, who actually wants to see men obsessing over where a ball goes? Its like watching fish swim for 90 minutes, and thats not including the extra time that grates at your soul and the penalties that leave you really wanting to put your head in the oven.

Most importantly, if you find yourself actually caring about what happens in a match (ie; muttering about bad passes, telling a footballer to get up after a less than convincing fall)then watch out.. you will be dissappointed several times during the coming weeks.

For those who don't know, the World Cup happens every four years. And that unfortunately for me, my boyfriend wants to watch every single match in that dreaded competition this year. Now, thats fine by me, because I sit there with my book and read through the ones I don't find interesting.

It's the ones I do find interesting. England in particular. I could now go on for years about the absolute embarrassment that the World Cup has brought upon us. All for the sake of a little ball and a little cup that isn't even pure gold.

So here is a lesson for you all. Before you try to be interested in what your boyfriend may possibly love almost as much as you, think of me, and then rethink your er.. goals.