Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Why being crafty is a good thing

I recently went into a charity shop searching for a book, and instead of a book, I came out with ten little plastic envelopes. Inside the shop, I had found a box full of cards that had been hand made and given in to sell for the charity. Some of these were beautiful, but I decided I could do better.

So armed with only my creativity and a couple of card making kits from poundland, I set about making my cards. It was hard going, but in the end my sister and I made 12 cards.

I only got pictures of the two that we didn't give to the charity, but I promise that I shall make more and post them up here.

Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly how to make them, all I know is that you need some card, a lot of card making accessories, some ribbon,some tissue paper, some glue and a bit of practise. And maybe an artistic flair.

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