Friday, 2 July 2010

Why guilty pleasures should probably be left unsaid

I know that it is quite conventional for a female to love her shoes, and to have many many pairs. I am one such female. I am also thoroughly ashamed of my willingness to conform to society in this way, and yet, (and here I think I may be chanelling Shania Twain) I feel like a woman.

I also know how very boring it may be to talk about shoes day in, day out. I therefore promise that I shall try not to bore you with any more shoe related blogs after this one (unless I happen to come across, and buy, an even more wonderful shoe.

Unfortunately for you, I have just bought the mother of all beautiful shoes from New Look, and so I feel the need to write about it.

In fact, I bought two mothers of beautiful shoes; the mother of flats and the mother of heels. 'Why are you so obsessed with these particular ones?' I hear you cry in contempt. Because they have lace, black lace. In a floral design that I just love. And they have silver under the lace. And a black trim. And a black heel.

And the heels are high enough to allow me to look a normal height. And the flats make my feet look even smaller than they already are.

Most of all I love them because they will go with anything. You name it, any colour, any outfit (except a gopping one that you shouldn't be wearing anyway, like an orange jumpsuit.. but they would at least make it look better than without them).

They particularly go with my clubbing style. I normally wear fairly classic clothing with silver accessories. For example, a long, fairly clingy plain black top with a black netting starting where a sweetheart neckline would be and ending fairly high. This would either be paired with plain black tights or black leggings/ jeggings (cropped or otherwise).

Now tell me those beautiful pairs of shoes wouldn't go well with an outfit like that?

In fact, I bought these shoes with a short, slinky black number also from new look, that has a plunging neckline with a twist under the boob area (which REALLY enhances those all important assets). It has black lace on it too, which is the main reason I bought those beautiful, beautiful shoes.

Team that dress with those heels and I think I'll be set.

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