Friday, 30 July 2010

Why Inception was amazing

This is my first review on here, so I'll do my best writing it, but I would love your comments to see how I can improve my writing and make it appealing to everyone.

Inception has had rave reviews and, to be honest, I agree with these whole heartedly. The whole idea of going into a subconcious has been around in a while, notably in The Matrix. However, this is so much more, well, human.

The concept in the movie is one that I have always found fascinating, as you have seen in a previus blog of mine: Dreams. And it's not just about what people dream, it's about using their dream state to extract information or give them ideas in their waking state.

It is so difficult to put into words the intricate detail that this film goes into without sounding too gushy, so I will simply say that to fully understand, you NEED to see this film.

The plot is fairly unpredicatable and interesting, and the concepts inside the dream world are very thoroughly thought out. For example, that there can be dreams within dreams, and that they can be affected by what is on the 'next level'. This is shown beautifully in the scene where the gorgeous (not to mention talented) Joseph Gordon Levitt battles with a 'projection' whilst the gravity shifts (this is when the level below is actually a car tumbling down a hill).

As you can tell from that explanation, the film can sometimes be hard to get your head around, so you have to really concentrate. And try not to miss any or you may get left behind!

The visual effects are really something to rave about. The one scene that sticks in my head to when Ariadne (Ellen Page) is able to change the dream and folds it on itsself. The very idea of being able to change the dream consciously is one I have been fascinated with and so it was interesting to see this happen on the big screen.

Leonado Dicaprio was, as always, a brilliant choice for the lead. His acting was wonderful and he displayed his conflicting emotions realistically. Ellen Page, who I don't normally like in films, was surprisingly good as well, though not as touching, simply because we do not get to know her in much depth.

The plot itsself has so many layers and hidden depths that it keeps you thoroughly entertained and thoughtful for long time after it has finished. I know I spent a long time simply thinking about the layers of dreams and what happened in each one.

So if you want to see a visually stunning, thought provoking film that is full of action and good acting, I think you know where to look.


  1. Hey K, just thought I'd offer my comments :) be warned that I'm going to be over-critical! You know I think your writing style is good anyway so I'm only going to offer the bad points of this one so don't be offended!

    You avoided describing the plot by saying it sounded gushy. At least try to describe it, no matter how confusing it sounds.

    Your opinion was offered straight from the start. Perhaps give a hint to your opinion in the blog title, then start by describing the history of the film (perhaps mention more films of the same genre - like you said, 'The Matrix'). Then move onto the plotline while offering a more balanced argument. Then obviously once you conclude you can offer as much opinion as you like!

    The impression I got from the outset was that you were going to fall on one side of the argument, and when I read reviews I like to almost want to work out if I think it's going to be a good or bad review before the start.

    I was left wondering when Leonado DiCaprio was going to be mentioned. You mentioned two of his colleagues before the lead actor.

    Why don't you like Ellen Page? This is left unclear. Is it a personal hate, or for a reason? How does she improve in this film?

    Finally, this one has nothing to do with your writing style but your writing media. If you are writing on the internet you need to try and put more links into the text. For example there was a section above where you could have linked to your previous blog about dreams. The reader doesn't want to flick back and forward, they want it put there easily for them! If you look at Wikipedia you'll notice that almost every other word is linked for ease of access.

    To add links into the text, (for example to your 'Dreams' blog) just add <a href="">Dreams.</a>. Basically just add more of those and you'll be equipped for writing on the internet. If you need anymore help with it, feel free to ask - it's my job!

    I guess doing magazine journalism, however, you will be no doubt be appealing to a different target audience than me, so feel free to argue back on any of the above :) xx

  2. Well I did just write a whole load of opinion here for you but then I went to process it and Google returned errors and I lost it all. But seeing as I can't be bothered to write it out again, I'll tell you next time I see you! xx