Sunday, 1 August 2010

Why the summer holiday isn't always exciting

University is brilliant. I really can't fault it.

Not only do you gain an independance from your parents, but you learn something you're actually interested in doing for a career. At the end, hopefully (if you work hard enough), you gain a good qualification and get that job.

You work hard, you play hard, and you have really really long holidays. And that is where it gets boring actually, the holidays, as I am now discovering.

After completing your first year at uni, unlike college where you start your second year after the exams, you finish and go home. This is all great at first, after all, you probably missed home. You suddenly feel free. You feel the need to do nothing and let your mum take care of you again.

But the fact is, that after a while you get bored of being free and you just want to be busy again. Even if it means working your butt off at uni. This is how I am feeling today. Very lethargic.

I've pretty much done everything I wanted to do this holiday; a trip to London, a Holiday, a few days at the beach, clubbing, seeing a few films, shopping, slobbing out, making the most of the close proximity of my boyfriend and seeing all my friends a good few times.

I still have just under two months until I go back to uni. And I am very much looking forward to this. I may go early, just so I can be busy once again. Sort my new room out, make sure it has enough storage, make sure the house is stocked up and looking nice. I also would love to get a job in that time, for friday evenings and such. I missed my freshers week fun last year, so I think I shall have to reclaim it this year. Only this time I have some amazing new friends to go out with.

For now though, I'll content myself with reading, blogging, painting, drawing and spending time with the people I will miss when I go back.

Any more ideas?


  1. London again in a fortnight(?), and generally bumming around with your boyfriend, his best friend, your sister and your cousin and having many many parties.

    Orr, you could get a job. I'm sure there are places that look for short-term staff. Even if it's for little or no pay, it keeps the mind fit and active.

  2. Hmmm, London sounds like a plan :). And I might go work with Stacey or something, she said she has a manager person now