Friday, 6 August 2010

A look into the getting ready to party process (men, you have been warned)

There is something about getting ready for a night out that really makes me happy. The fact is, I rather enjoy the whole process. And believe me, there is quite a long one when it comes to me.

The actual process starts about a week in advance (if i decide to really look forward to it). This is the psyching yourself up stage and it mostly consists of chatting about the upcoming event with your friends until you have a good few details arranged (how to get there and back, where to stay overnight, and most importantly, what kind of thing you're thinking about wearing, so you all don't go too over the top).

A couple of days later is the inevitable shopping trip for essential party wear/accessories. You will take with you either a bunch of your girl friends or your mum and sister. During this time your will spend hours searching for the 'perfect' [insert clothing item here].

For me, it's mostly the perfect top or shoes. Yesterday, in anticipation of tonight's frivolities, I bought an entire outfit, including accessories. If I could have found the perfect shoes, then they would have been bought too.

On the day it takes on average 3 hours of your time to get ready. First and foremost, you do your nails to match your outfit. You do this as messily as you like, because next on the list is the hour long soak in a bath totally filled with bubbles.

The excess nail polish that has been smothered over your skin will be removed by the water. Whilst in the bath you will expertly shave every single hair you can find, scrub you hair until shiny and exfoliate your skin to within an inch if its life.

After you have dried yourself off, you will begin your facial cleansing routine, which includes exfoliating your skin until red and then cleansing it with some kind of fruity smelling cleanser.

Then comes the moisturising. All over body moisturising, with different ones for your feet, face and hands. Body butter in another fruity scent is used for all other parts of your body. This is a gruelling and time consuming task, but it's worth it when someone comments on how smooth and soft your skin feels. You then douse yourself with some perfume so you have at least 6 separate scents on you.

The next three final tasks can go in any order, but I prefer to do my makeup first. So, makeup on. For some this can be quite difficult, as you have to be methodical about it. But I tend to skip the whole concealer, foundation, skin stuff and go straight in with the eyes: lids, liner, mascara, done.

Of course the eyeshadow is in one of the shades in your outfit (this could also be the colour of your accessories), the liner is smudged for a smoky effect. Your lashes are curled with some sort of torture device before the mascara is then gilded on several times before being separated with yet another torture device. Lips are fairly easy for me as I just plonk on some lip balm. I then put a bit of blush on (not loads, because otherwise I look like I've been slapped a good few times.

Clothing next, which is simple enough seeming as it has already been laid out on a hanger for days, complete with which underwear, accessories and shoes you'll be wearing.

Last but not least, the hair. This can take from 5 minutes to half an hour depending on the style. I prefer to straighten my hair or put it in a ponytail. These both don't take too long, assuming that you have the practise in hand.

And viola, you're ready to go (and it only took 3 hours). OK, in comparison to a man's getting ready process, this is a long and complicated procedure that doesn't need to be done. But let's take a look at the mens' version shall we?

1. Shower, dry, put on deodorant (15 mins, maybe 20)
2. Do hair (5 mins, 10 if he's a perfectionist)
3. Pick, and then put on specific going out clothes bought ages ago and check yourself out in the mirror (5 mins)
All in all, around half an hour.

Ah, the effort involved in that.

Now I know this seems like a really shallow blog, but trust me, I only do all this for the good of the people. The ones partying with me. My friends, so they don't want to creep away because I look like I just crawled out a sewer. Oh and of course for my boyfriend, so he can brag to his friends about how hot I am and they won't be disappointed. :)

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  1. Holy. Cow.

    I doubt it even takes half an hour for me.... 5 minutes on hair is a LONG time! I'm bored after the first 20 seconds.

    On the other hand, I did go shopping for clothes (though that was today - the day of the party in question) and that took me a good 15 minutes to find, try on, buy and have the clothes in the back of the car ready to get home.