Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Twins. Why the (kinda creepy) fascination?

My twin has three tattoos. She also has pierced ears and glasses. So what? I hear you yell at me into your screen.

Well that fact is that I don't. Nor do I want to poke myself in the eyes so I too have to wear glasses. I don't want to get my ears pierced and I don't want her tattoos. See? Twins can be different after all.

I like to think that Stacey and I are probably as different as you can get with identical twins. For a start, we have so many differences that it is actually hard to believe we even are twins. We're proof that you don't get your personality from your genes.

Stacey likes Criminology. I do not understand this in the slightest. I think it's probably the third most boring thing in the world. Law comes in at number one, closely followed by politics. I think if I did that course, I'd have gotten kicked off by now for falling asleep in lectures. But hey ho, whatever floats your boat.

Our taste in music is quite similar when it comes to rocky stuff. But you put us in a club and Stacey will complain about the music at some point. I, on the other hand, will be happily dancing (and singing) along to pretty much anything. Apart from rap, I hate rap. This is a thing we have in common.

The tattoos she has, whilst pretty, aren't what I would have on my body. Then again, it'd have to be pretty special to be on my body as I like my skin pure at the moment. Saying that though, I have been wanting to have a twin tattoo, and since stacey has just designed one I rather like, I may have it.

Our hair colour has seen a few pretty drastic changes over the years. Mostly it has been Stacey going a bit crazy with the dye. She's been bright red, dark red, blue black, ginger, brown and red black. She's naturally a blonde. The most crazy hair colour I've ever been is a deep brown in year 10. It looked great, but I went back to blonde not long after.

And our taste in men? Totally different. Stacey would 'never in [her] right mind go for a footballer', and I certainly would. I wouldn't go for an overtly geeky guy either, and Stacey has had her fair share of those.

I watched a twin programme once. I was shocked and appalled about what I saw. These twins actually wanted to be like eachother. They got the same haircut, they had the same posessions, they wore the same clothes. They might as well have been the same person. They even slept in the same bed (this would end very badly for me and my twin if we tried it).

I don't know why on earth you would spend so much time and effort looking like someone else, even if it is your twin. I know today's society is a bit like a flock of sheep, but they're taking it to a whole new level.

Finally, there's only one more thing to discuss. Stupid. Questions. If I ever hear the line 'do you read eachother's minds?' again, I may strangle the person who issued it. My top three annoying questions are:
1. Which is the oldest? Me
2. By how much? A minute
3. Do you feel eachother's pain? No, we bloody well don't. Now leave me alone.

And no, we don't do threesomes either. It's gross. And how would you like it if someone asked that of you and your sibling? Same principle applies.

Long story short, twins aren't really something to make a big fuss about. We aren't actually the same person and therefore can't do anything cool or weird. We're just sisters, only the same age.

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