Monday, 2 January 2012

Roll on 2012

So, it's a new year. But this time there's something very special about it. Forget about the dismal end of the world theories, I am talking about bigger and better things.

The Olympic games are coming to the UK again after 64 years, and guess what? I'm going! Years later, I can say to my grandchildren that I was there. And I'm seeing possibly the most famous event of all : the athletics. Of course, the Paralympic games are also coming to the UK, so I can't wait for both. It will no doubt be an exciting time for anyone living here.

The Queen is having her diamond Jubilee, and of course us Brits get a four-day-weekend to celebrate in style. Everyone will be encouraged to have lunch with their neighbours that day, which is rather sweet. I only wish that we had another Royal Wedding too, just to put a little more limelight on the UK.

There are going to be lots of music and arts festivals around to showcase the amazing talent we have to offer. Needless to say, our tourist industry will be booming, and our products will be much better.

As for my year personally, I am finishing University and graduating in November.

It's an important year, and I hope we live it to the full. That's my New Year's Resolution.