Monday, 11 October 2010

Back to Uni

The first few weeks of going back to Uni were, to say the least, very interesting. First, I venture into my house only to find about 200 pounds worth of bills deposited on my floor and the place is dusty as anything.

I literally had to clean the inside of my wardrobe before hanging up my precious clothing so they didn't get dirty before I wore them.

Along with the bills comes a council tax which I am not meant to be paying. And on top of that, we have no TV, no Internet, no bank account for bills, no money (because it is too early for the loans to come through) and no shower.

I think the shower was the thing that threw me the most. Although we did have a perfectly good bath (with extremely old fashioned taps), I felt that a shower would have been nice at this early stage.

Now, thank god, we have all of those things. We are happily on our way to normality. Our TV not only works, but it has satellite, good satellite. The money has come in for some, but I am yet to receive it myself. The bills and council tax are sorted. The shower is fixed. And we have the Internet as of today.

Things are perfect. Or are they?

Work, as always, is inevitably zooming towards me. I am about to embark on my third week of second year university and I know exactly what is in store for the rest of the semester. I have no doubt it is going to be a gruelling year as the pace has definitely stepped up.

We are tested on our knowledge of the news every week, in two separate seminars. That means buying and reading a paper every day. We have to practise on a brand new programme. And how could I forget the impending doom that is being an editor for two weeks. Oh, and guess what? I'm first.

Scary? You bet.

So, in order to improve my organisation, I am going to devise a timetable so that I have enough time to fit in all the work and my wonderful boyfriend at the weekend.

It's going to be a long year.