Monday, 22 August 2011

Uni problems?

It's that time again. The one where all the A levels come out and people scramble for places at University. Only this time, it's rather a lot more hectic than that. And why? Because the government have decided to up the fees next year to a staggering £9000. I for one am very glad that I decided to go to Uni as soon as I possibly could, and I feel deeply sorry to those who don't get the chance to apply early in the hope of missing these fees.

My point is actually a question; Why bother raising the fees?

In my (possibly very limited) mind, it seems like the government have made a huge mistake. Though I sincerely understand why they raised the fees, as of next year they will need to pay out much more to students who are not able to pay them, leaving the economy in a worse state than it already is. To add to this, the students may not even be able to pay back their loans later in life, as they could be facing up to £80,000 worth of debt. Again, this isn't so good for the country and its finances.

I don't mean to be a killjoy, but these riots aren't helping either. And why are they even happening? There is a simple answer to this... the people aren't happy because they're too poor already, without the country being in debt.However, I would still condemn these riots, as many peoples livelihoods have been damaged by looting and so on.

In conclusion, I have to say that the government should renounce the fees before it's too late, and get everyone jobs. In know it's impossible, but hey, someone's got to try..