Monday, 16 August 2010

I Heart London

The capital of England is a bustling world full of things to do and sights to see. Even as a Brit myself, I find it fascinating. It has so much history everywhere; monuments, statues, plaques. Even the roads and buildings themselves. Streets have become world famous, and not only due to the monopoly board.

I haven't been to London too many times, but when I have gone, I have always had a wonderful and memorable day. When I went with my mum and sister not long ago (see 'Why going to London is always a good plan'), I saw a plaque on a house on the opposite side of the road which said that Charles Dickens had once been there. Being a book lover, I was very happy with this piece of information.

The last time I went to London was on Saturday. My boyfriend hates London, and he thought he would have a terrible time, so imagine my surprise when he said he had really enjoyed it.

The original plan was to go shopping in Camden, but it really didn't work out as it was mostly clothing and tattoo parlours (really not my boyfriend's style). We didn't stay for too long.

Covent Gardens was our next stop and this was by far more interesting to see. We sought out the theatre and then explored the enormous shopping centre, stopping by various street performers.

By far the best street act was a comedian who got members of the public to recreate 'The X Factor'. He got them to dress up as the village people and dance some truly ridiculous dances. It was hilarious.

We then went on an expedition to Leicester Square as I had never seen it before. And I have to say, I was quite impressed. All around this pretty square garden with its busts at the edges and a memorial at the centre, were restaurants and cinemas. It also had a good few clubs, which really made me wish we weren't going to the theatre later, as they looked pretty fun.

We also took a trip down to Trafalgar Square, as it wasn't too far away. I was rather stunned at the enormity of the square and its many statues. As soon as we got there we were accosted by happy people offering free hugs, which really made my day. Nelson's column was easily the most impressive thing of all, as it stands over 56 metres high.

To finish off our night, we headed to the Duchess Theatre back in Covent Gardens. After all, what's a trip to London without a trip to the West End? We went to see 'The Secret of Sherlock Holmes' as we thought it would be enjoyable for all of us.

It was well acted and interesting, but since it was about Sherlock's mental state, it didn't have the problem solving and mystery that I had come to associate Sherlock Holmes with. Overall, I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

If you've never been to London and you would like to know what it's all about, then I have a few recommendations for you:

1. A open top bus sightseeing tour; by far the quickest and least taxing way to enjoy the sights of London. And you don't get achy feet or have to go on the hot, crowded underground.

2. The London Eye; where else would you get a spectacular eagle eye view of your favourite sights than at the top of a huge wheel? Houses of Parliament and Big Ben for the win.

3. London Zoo and London Aquarium

4. Madame Tussauds; unbelievably had a ride inside it that gave you a history of London. Interesting and entertaining. Not to mention photos with those famous faces.

5. Shopping in Oxford Street (and Covent Gardens)

And don't forget to book some tickets for a show in the West End. They have plenty of shows to choose from so everyone will be happy. Les Miserables is a must see.

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