Monday, 26 July 2010

Why all the gender hostility?.. I'll tell you why..

My dear friend recently wrote a blog highlighting how men are better than women. Unfortunately he forgot that women can retaliate better and, with lethal, cutting comments that could rip him to shreds.

I don't actually think that women are any better or worse than men, I tend to think that we are equal. Women are better at some things and men are better at others.

I will freely admit that women are not as good at driving than men (I myself have pretty bad spatial awareness), but we are more careful, which is why we cause less crashes. It is probably the knowledge that we are bad at driving which causes us to be careful in the first place. Men don't really tend to acknowledge their flaws so easily, let alone do much about them.

Multitasking is one thing he mentioned along with driving. I know that it is a common truth that women are better at multitasking than men. However, I am probably the worst person ever to talk to about women's proficiency in multitasking, because I am useless at it. Really, it's that bad. I am thoroughly ashamed of myself.

My boyfriend is a prime example of not being able to multitask. He reads but can't hear at the same time, he watches TV and isn't able to chat. But, he IS very good at driving, and being nice.

I hate to be all conventional and stuff, but women are also better at cleaning. It's like we have microscope eyes sometimes. My boyfriend can hardly see the clumps of dust and dog hair that I can see hiding in the deep, dark recesses of his room. I think his version of cleaning is actually giving the floor a quick hoover and shoving a few of his clothes in his wardrobe.

We're also rather good at cooking, though I daresay that any man who takes an interest might decide to get better than us. There are so many TV cooks out there who are men, I think this might actually be right.

So, are men really better than women? Are men missing the obvious that women are actually better than them? I mean, we do have the ability to give life, something that men can only contribute to. Or are we equal, as God intended? I think I'll agree with God.

PS: Sorry wonderful boyfriend for highlighting your terribleness at tidying, I love you anyway!


  1. I did offer a balanced argument (even if I concluded that men are better than women), and you'll also find I provided evidence for women crashing more than men too :)

  2. Yours was slightly too one sided. I decided to even it up a bit more. And I have experience of never having crashed in two years, even if I am terrible at driving!

  3. Has anyone noticed that the words female and woman have references to men in them. Degrading isn't it?

    Though, saying that, both words have an extra bit. (Just like our chromosomes) I think that this proves that women have a special added awesomeness that men just don't posess.