Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Why I won't be wearing the Tribal, Gothic or Western trends this Autumn/Winter

You know what kind of fashion trend I am loving right now?
The only one that I think suits me: lace.

It's not because lace is expensive looking or anything like that. Why I like it is because it is associated with being refined and posh, and yet it is now customised so that it looks young and new. Lace is such a classic look, especially in the colours that fashion is liking at the moment. Black, nude and white lace and netting are my favourite

And when I get into a trend that I think suits me, I just can't help myself. I end up scouting through shops, looking for the things that will make me look the best. I particularly like the types of tops/dresses that are close fitting with a lace or netting panel at the top, so it looks girlie without looking, well, tarty.

This following dress is a gorgeous example from

I also have a few other pictures of things that are lace orientated, those being my gorgeous New Look shoes that I have previously chattered about (these also come as heels):

This top is also from New Look. I just LOVE the detail in this, so if you have a spare moment, go in for a close up of this one:

And just to top it all off, I saw the most gorgeous leggings at ASOS (please look at the detail too, I like this one because of the length and the pattern):

Please don't wear all of these together, they probably won't look quite as amazing as they would if they were with a few other, less showy, pieces of clothing.

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