Thursday, 29 July 2010

Theft (written by Ashley)

Stacey tried to steal my bookmark!!! This was the number one thing in my day that made me angrier than I felt for the rest of the day. And this was a day that included me having three shouting matches with my manager, threatening to beat up my best mate and accusing a member of the office staff in no uncertain way that we were overworked. Anyway back to Stakey, as i am now calling her. She tried to steal my bookmark!!! For those who don't know my bookmark is a wooden leaf that was given to me as an easter present from my mum! So obviously a lot of sentimental value. I had been reading her book 'Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief' and had finished it the night before. Once I was done a placed the bookmark inside the front page of the book and placed it tenderly on the coffee table before i retired to the bedroom for a good nights sleep. My sleep was interupted on three occasions, which was probably the start of that days bad mood. First my girlfriend whacked me on the nose as she climbed in, then my best mate edward practically trod on me as he attempted to reach his bed, and finally that menace of a girl stacey decided to spend five minutes rustling a plastic bag next to my head! The next morning I wake up early to go to work and the book has vanished! Stolen by it rightful owner in the depths of the night...and my bookmark along with it!!! This was the beginning of the days bad mood as I had to use my mates birthday invite as a bookmark for the day whilst I forced stakey to leave the bookmark behind on my pillow for me to collect later after I had to work late and missed my oseopathy appointment that would have sorted my bad back out. But do not worry people there was one good thing the brightened my day for a couple of brief moments. One of the managers in the office brought his dog in for the day and since I am a dog fan I loved brief time I got to feel like life wasn't against me just yet!

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