Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Showcasing - sometimes it has to be done

So, I thought I would showcase some of my better work from my photography unit today as well as write a blog. I was originally going to show you all my work from another unit called Making Magazines. Hoever, that fell through when the images would not load onto the blog. So anyone wishing to see those will unfortunately have to wait until to turn them into jpgs.

The first, is a set of two portraits which are meant to show the sitters personalities. I think I captured their shyness fairly well in the first.

As we were about to go to New York here, we had a moment where I decided to go for a Statue of Liberty pose. I think it worked quite well, though it did not answer the brief:

My next set of photographs are a little more interesting. They stemmed from a brief about movement, but eventually I got to the stage where I really liked the idea of dressing people up as fairytale characters.

Alice falling down the rabbit hole:

Snow White, scared, running around in the forest:

The Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland):

Snow Queen:

Red Riding Hood walking through the forest, on the way to her grandmother's house:

The Swan Queen, Swan Lake:

Cinderella looking back for her glass slipper:

So, those were my final pictures, but there were some that I left out that really need t obe shown to the masses. All are Alice in Wonderland inspired, mostly with the red queen threatening her in some way:

And there you have it, an exhibition of some of my prouder achievement of this year.I hope you like it and feel free to comment.

No abuse, but constuctive critisism and especialy praise are appreciated.



  1. Unrelated to this blog post in particular, but have you changed the design of your whole blog? Didn't it used to be... pinker?

    It's good :)

  2. I have indeed :) I like it more now