Thursday, 13 January 2011

Exciting Times

So, Uni has been very scarily difficult this year. The time goes by so fast that before you know it, an assessment is only a week away... and you haven't done a thing towards it. This semester, it gets harder. Photography, which is already time consuming enough as it is, is now in full portfolio mode. As are two other of my units, and not to mention those all important essays looming ahead like some sort of eternal storm cloud.

In other news, its just coming up to the big two year anniversary thing for me and the boyfriend. It's a pretty big thing for me, as it would be my longest relationship by four times. I can't say I'm freaking out about it, but it does seem a little on the scary side. But since I still think about him all day every day, I think it'll last for a long while more.

Oh, and just to make this time of the year more expensive, he'll be turning 22 two days beforehand, and it'll be valentines day 12 days afterwards. On a student budget, this will be interesting. At least I know he likes staying indoors!

So, these are exciting times. Why? Because everything in my life has suddenly gone hectic. The lull from Christmas is gone, and Uni is now steaming it's way through my life once again. All I need to do now is loose that Christmas belly and I'll be content.

My New Years resolution was to try better at everything, and so far I think I'm succeeding, even if I am tiring myself out in the process. However, the fitness needs working on. And when the work comes on thick and fast, the social life will suffer.

I try to look on the bright side of all this though, at least i am well and truly living my life. I haven't blogged for ages!

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