Monday, 28 June 2010

Why you should never get into your boyfriends interests

My boyfriend REALLY likes his football. When I first started dating him, I despised it, as any sane girl should. Now, however, after going to several of his teams' matches and watching god knows how many on the television (with him and his football orientated family), I have started caring. I am ashamed on behalf of all woman kind.

There are a few things a girl should know before they decide to try to get used to their boyfriend's love of football. First of all, it is a highly overrated sport. Second, it is also highly overpaid. Third, who actually wants to see men obsessing over where a ball goes? Its like watching fish swim for 90 minutes, and thats not including the extra time that grates at your soul and the penalties that leave you really wanting to put your head in the oven.

Most importantly, if you find yourself actually caring about what happens in a match (ie; muttering about bad passes, telling a footballer to get up after a less than convincing fall)then watch out.. you will be dissappointed several times during the coming weeks.

For those who don't know, the World Cup happens every four years. And that unfortunately for me, my boyfriend wants to watch every single match in that dreaded competition this year. Now, thats fine by me, because I sit there with my book and read through the ones I don't find interesting.

It's the ones I do find interesting. England in particular. I could now go on for years about the absolute embarrassment that the World Cup has brought upon us. All for the sake of a little ball and a little cup that isn't even pure gold.

So here is a lesson for you all. Before you try to be interested in what your boyfriend may possibly love almost as much as you, think of me, and then rethink your er.. goals.

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